About DCentro

You Decide, We Deliver.

More than just a delivery service, DCentro offers a limitless delivery service that aims to ease the daily burden of the average Malaysian by bringing their daily needs from store to user. With just a click of a button, they would be able to have their favorite food, beverage, groceries and even toiletries delivered. With the fast advancement of technology, DCentro intends to fully utilize the digital platforms to help Malaysians maximize their time. Why go through the hassle of the traffic, finding for parking and waiting in long lines? Let us face these challenges for you.

Launched in July 2016, we currently service the Petaling Jaya area with a goal to expand to the rest of Klang Valley in the near future. Like us on Facebook at DCentro for more updates.

Our Vision & Mission

Create the possibility for everyone to obtain basically almost anything with just one click of a button. We are determined to provide a fast, user-friendly online platform that is convenient by providing a central platform that offers a wide variety of amenities.

For Our Crews
Create a happy working environment

For Our Customers
Provide efficient delivery service from wide variety of items

For Our Business Partners
Generate more revenue and gain more business exposure